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The Best Office Storage Ideas For Comfort and Productivity

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83% of the 1,300+ employers surveyed by PwC concerning working from home have indicated that changing to a work-from-home scheme has been successful for their companies. Awesome, right? Many things make people feel productive and inspired while working at home —or a regular office. Having a structured, accessible, and customized storage space is one of them.

How many times have you found yourself searching for just one thing in between dozens? It does not matter if you are a messy or a tidy person; you deserve all the space you need to feel comfortable and produce the work you’ve chosen to make a life out of. Read along and find the best office storage ideas we have put together for you.

Background of office storage

The way offices have been distributed and equipped has not changed a lot over the decades, and the feeling of not having enough space for your documents and equipment has remained intact. Cubicle farms, open floor plan offices… whichever the type, all offer a lack of space and privacy in terms of what you do and how you keep your work organized.

There is also the fact that some companies usually do not allow you to make your own changes so that your workspace is more comfortable and customized. While this happens quite a lot, some more progressive employers would like you to participate in choosing and improving your workspace to add more comfortability and storage space.

When working from home started to heavily compete with regular offices, most workers started to need more things to structure their stations. That is when several companies decided to manufacture more and more furniture, tools, and equipment to satisfy the growing demand. Nowadays, this boom makes our lives as home-office workers easier.

What Exactly Makes a Storage Idea the Best?

We like to say that the best idea is whichever fits YOUR needs. Since we are all different individuals, not all of us are going to need the same things or even feel equally comfortable while using the same equipment.

The best storage ideas we will list in this article will include elements for as many types of home office workers as we can think of. Worry not-we have listed the best office storage ideas by taking into consideration the following situations.

  1. Tight places: If you have little to no space for extra furniture, we’ve got you covered with very helpful ideas.
  2. Interior design: Do you want your home office storage furniture to match your house’s aesthetic? We got you.
  3. Tight budget: You are not willing to spend that much or are willing to recycle old stuff for your home office storage? We have some options too.
  4. Plenty of space: So, you have areas that need a filling or can afford a renovation, and you would like to make the most of them? We are here for you.
  5. Simplicity: If you do not feel like using a lot of furniture, drilling around, and you want a regular office storage idea, this is also an article you might like.
  6. Multifunctionality: If you are looking for hybrid/mixed furniture where you can store other things too, read along.

In the next part of this article, we will list and define the best office storage ideas inside 4 groups so you can go straight to the ones you will need or want the most. But, of course, we advise you to read them all.

You will find that there are things you did not think of and that can be helpful. Look out for the storage ideas with numbers from one to five. They will indicate if they are fit for your needs according to the 5 situations we just listed:

  • 1 for tight spaces
  • 2 for interior design
  • 3 for a tight budget
  • 4 for plenty of space
  • 5 for simplicity
  • 6 for multifunctionality (just like restaurant menus indicating the level of hotness or allergens).

Types of office storage ideas

Office storage ideas for large spaces

Walk-in office (4,6)

You see a walk-in closet; we see a perfect place to establish your home office and/or storage for everything related to your work. Or maybe both? If you have plenty of space in your walk-in closet or you think it is of no use to you, then this could be a perfect space for you to get some work done and store all your paperwork, samples, gadgets, and so on.

The sweet thing about walk-in closets is that they usually come with shelves that could help you organize your work stuff better.

Clothes rack (3,6)

You bought a clothing rack because it looked cute, but you ended up piling up your clothes on a chair? You do not know what to do with it? Well, it could easily be turned into storage for your home office.

Think about it; you can place books, reports, headphones, speakers, pens, and pencils, mount a corkboard with sticky notes, a calendar, and pictures. You can even put some plants for decoration.

Open shelves (2,3,4,6)

Open shelves are a classic nowadays when it comes to home offices. They come with lots of space to organize your paperwork, utensils, and gadgets. If you keep them organized, they can blend in with your house’s decoration.

Lockers (1,2,4)

Come on, lockers don’t always have that industrial look; they don’t have to make you remember a tedious high school time. They can keep your stuff safe while also being an awesome decorative piece.

Conventional office storage ideas

Cabinet (2,4,5)

Cabinets never go out of style, and they are always helpful when wanting to store several types of office supplies and documents. Their usual drawers and shelves give books, folders, tech, and supplies a more organized space.

If the cabinet goes all the way to the roof, it is even better. Just make sure you use the upper space to store the things you will not need on a daily basis.

Desk + shelves (1,2,3,6)

This is one of the best office storage ideas because the combination of both elements lets you be productive by holding everything you repeatedly use at your fingertips.

If you decide to add some plants and pictures, your office will blend perfectly with the rest of your house or even stand out. We have found two options we think you will really love: a desk with top and bottom shelves and an L shaped desk with shelves

Desks with side storage bags (1,3,5,6)

If you are running out of space and need something handy and practical, this is the best storage idea for you. Besides having bags for you to add relevant documents and supplies, or even the ones you are going to discard later, this desk also comes with hooks to hang your headphones, purse, and umbrella.

Regular desk (1,3,5)

If you are a person who likes the basics and does not want to get involved in building gigantic cabinets and complicated shelves, then you might need a regular desk with just the right storage space. Take this one as a perfect example of diverse storage space and simplicity.

Wall storage ideas

Wall organizers (1,3,6)

These are some of our favorite storage ideas. Wall organizers are inexpensive; they create spaces in unused places, they are perfect for offices with tight areas, they are easy to reach, and can be diverse.

Sure, you will have to drill the wall, but it will be worth it. This wall organizer, for example, comes with 6 sections to store folders, paper, sticky notes, pens and markers, a stapler, your agenda, and so much more. Pegboards have become very trendy in the last few months. They are great for distributing small office supplies.

Floating shelves (1,2,3,6)

Let’s face it, establishing your home office in the teeny tiny apartments on the market nowadays could be very difficult. Sometimes you barely get space for your bed. That is when floating shelves come in.

They act like wall organizers but have more flexibility in terms of storage, distribution on the wall and can be more esthetic. If you decide to move your office elsewhere, the floating shelves can still remain in that place, and you can put some plants and pictures on it.

Another good thing about floating shelves is that they come in different sizes and shapes, which allows you to place your office paraphernalia in the way you choose.

Wall-to-wall storage (4,6)

If there is a wall you do not know how to decorate and are lacking some storage space for your home office, then wall-to-wall shelves or book case are the best office storage ideas for you.

Hidden storage ideas

Ottomans with storage space (1,2,5,6)

Ottomans do not have to be pieces of furniture to be put on display just to look beautiful. Nowadays, many ottomans come with great hidden storage for those reports or supplies you do not need to have on your desk daily. And hey, ottomans do not have to be that expensive, some great options can look very good in your office, bedroom or living room .

Desks or coffee tables with hidden storage/surfaces (1,6)

These are the bomb! They offer such a fresh combination of versatility and functionality. This coffee table over here is not only great for organized and hidden storage, but it is also a desk for you to do some computer or written work. It also offers surfaces and places to put some plants, your beverages, and for your cat to hide and play around. We know you’ve thought of this.

Understairs storage (1,2,6)

Many people do not think of stairs as something more than a transportation method and a death trap. Well, they can be more than that, and they can be pretty helpful when it comes to your home office storage needs.

Check this example of great usage of the space under a set of stairs. There is not only a full office there; the stairs turned into storage and decoration areas for said office.

Foldable wall desk (1,2,3,6)

Foldable wall desks are awesome when you need to do quick work but do not have an established place for them (your bed and the couch are not good for your posture!).

This wall-mounted table is the perfect office storage idea for when you need to quickly fix a few things on your computer or when you feel tired of being seated. It is not a nuisance for the rest of the people walking around the house. When closed, it is just another piece of decoration in the house.

Office storage ideas that include small furniture/tools

Office trolley (1,2,6)

Those trolleys used in kitchens and restaurants to move the food around and store fruits and vegetables can turn into a great storage area for your office appliances and equipment.

The fact that you can move it around your house gives you flexibility in terms of where you want to work and how. This rolling cart is like a combination of all types of storage inside of a mini kart, and we love it.

Storage bins/boxes (3,4,5,6)

Storage bins have become a trend in terms of organization. Whether you buy them or create them yourself, they are mostly in every office. They keep your documents, tools, and office equipment safe from dust and humidity.

Their sizes and shapes make them easy to pile and organize in closed and open spaces. They can also blend in with the rest of your house, so it does not look like a warehouse

Jars/cans (3,5,6)

An eco-friendly and inexpensive recommendation to store pencils, pens, markers, clips, sticky notes, flash drives, and all the small things that are easy to lose.

Differences between all types of office storage

Office storage ideas for large spaces

Unlike the rest of office storage ideas, these are mostly for people with plenty or enough space in their houses to play around with their choices and for disciplined and organized people.

This type of storage will require certain maintenance over the weeks. Make sure you know if you can make time for it. Also, these storage ideas are more expensive, and your office stuff might not be near you,

Conventional office storage ideas

These are for people who like conventional furniture and having their office supplies at hand’s reach. They usually have a mid-range price.

Wall storage ideas

This type of storage is designed for places with tight areas and people who like taking advantage of dead spaces. They are also designed for people who like having their relevant work paraphernalia at eye level.

Hidden storage ideas:

Hidden storage furniture is mostly designed to be out of everyone’s attention. Your home office does not have to be on display for everyone to see. Unlike the other types of office storage, this one is not meant to appeal to the public’s eye, but it sure can if you do good research.

Office storage ideas that include small furniture/tools

This type of storage focuses on keeping your small tools and supplies safe and organized. It’s more eco-friendly and disciplined than the rest of the office storage ideas.

Advantages of each type of office storage

Advantages of office storage ideas for large spaces

  • They give you more options to organize your office documents and supplies.

Advantages of conventional office storage ideas

  • Easier to find on the market.
  • Store your office paraphernalia at hand’s reach.
  • Easier to build.

Advantages of wall storage ideas:

  • Give you dozens of options to scheme your organization.
  • Your supplies or important notes can be at eye level.
  • It can be used as decoration if you decide to move your office elsewhere.

Advantages of hidden storage ideas:

  • Save lots of space and allow you to add more furniture.
  • They will allow you to hide your mess really fast when you have unexpected visitors.
  • You can use them for quick work that does not require using a larger desk.

Advantages of office storage ideas that include small furniture/tools

  • Good for your budget.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Easier to move around.
  • Good for small areas.

Disadvantages of each type of office storage

Disadvantages of office storage ideas for large spaces

  • Too much space can turn you into a hoarder.
  • They might take longer to clean.
  • Make things more difficult to find.
  • Usually more expensive.

Disadvantages of conventional office storage ideas

  • Have less storage space.

Disadvantages of wall storage ideas:

  • Too much drilling is involved.
  • Your things can look messy and stand out too much.

Disadvantages of hidden storage ideas

  • Usually smaller than other types of storage.
  • It can be more difficult to build.
  • It might not be easy to find spare parts.

Disadvantages of office storage ideas that include small furniture/tools

  • Your supplies can be distributed into too many of them, making it more difficult to find when needed.

Best use tips

The good thing about having different ways to store your office supplies is that you do not have to stick to just one. So, one of the best use tips we can give you is to think outside the box, mix the styles, and recycle.

If you do not have that much space in your office, mix floating shelves, wall organizers, and tables with hidden storage. If you have lots of documents that you don’t need at the moment, use the storage bins and a cabinet to keep them safe.

Also, do not forget that if you are working from home, then you will want your office paraphernalia well organized and to blend in with the decoration. Ottomans are great in this case. If your budget is tight, then consider recycling old stuff you do not need or use, like jars, boxes, and any dead spaces like walls and the space under stairs.

Our recommendations

We love all types of office storages. They all have special features ready to fulfill our dream home office, whether you have plenty of space or a tight budget. But we do have to say that there are 3 that impress us the most and we would like to share them with you and explain why we think these could work perfectly for you too.

Desks or coffee tables with hidden storage:

We love them because of their versatility, functionality, ability to be an esthetic part of your surroundings, and their easy access.

Floating shelves:

The great thing about floating shelves is their multiple functions, sizes, and shapes. These can come with rails that not only hold your things from falling but are also ornamental. They are perfect for tight budgets and when wanting to use dead spaces.

Under stair storage:

This one is a life and money saver. If you have spare space under your stairs, don’t think too long and use it to store your home office supplies, or why not move your whole office under it? These areas give such a feeling of privacy and coziness. It is one of the best office storage ideas for people wanting a less expensive home office experience.


Question: What is the best office storage idea for small spaces?

Answer: There are two great ideas related to office storage in small places. One of them is furniture with hidden storage space and/or hidden desks. They are diverse, functional and can provide you with a decent amount of space. The other one is wall storage. They allow you to use dead space; they are usually cheap and come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Question: What is the best office storage for files?

Answer: One of the best office storage for files is plastic storage bins. They allow you to keep your files safe from humidity and dust. They are also great options to keep the paperwork more organized.

Question: How do I choose the best office storage?

Answer: To choose the best office storage, you should definitely evaluate the space, the number of supplies you have, the documents and equipment you will work with, your budget, and your plans for the future. Make an inventory of what you have and look for a space in the house that can hold it all. Once you know the space you have, then you can look at all the options we have given you and see which one is better for your budget and the vibe you want your home office to have.


Time to sum up everything we have discussed. Having to work at home can be difficult but also liberating because you get to choose where you want to have your office and how to store all your equipment and supplies so that it satisfies your daily work needs.

Even though there are dozens of office storage ideas for you to choose from, we have gathered the ones we have identified as relevant and fitting for every budget, space, and organizational character. After doing some research and thinking about our own work-from-home experience, we have concluded that mixing many of these ideas will work better than using just one.

We have also determined that hidden storage ideas can be the best because they are budget-friendly, good for tight spaces, and can be mixed pretty well with other furniture and elements like wall organizers, floating shelves, and small tools like jars and boxes—which can also be great for the environment if you decide to recycle them.

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